My Story

Hey there, I'm Valla. A mother of two, lover of meditation, reiki master, hairstylist, and a pretty big threat in the kitchen. I currently run two businesses out of my home, Valla's Malas and Fringe Hair and Healing.After 26 years in the industry, I guess I would consider myself a "hairapist"  – what Urban Dictionary describes as someone who not only styles hair for a living, but also listens and provides caring advice to their customers. Owning these two businesses has allowed me to reach out and help people in so many more ways than I could before, and it is what drives me to get out of bed each and everyday.   

Meditation Guru
Reiki Master
Artisan and Jeweller

My interest in spiritual healing, crystals, and meditation began during a major life change that I went through. I needed an outlet so I started going to “Healing Circle Meditation Class” in Marmora, Ontario. I always knew that true beauty comes within, but a great "hair–do" had to help too, so why not combine both?

I've completed the Healing Circle Meditation Facilitators Course and Bars Course and I focus everyday on expanding my spiritual growth and knowledge. My love and attraction to crystals has lead me to transform my creativity and interest into designing and creating beautiful crystal malas and healing bracelets. I love working with all of my customers to build them a piece that is unique to them.